Joshua House Life Centers™ is a charitable ministry, founded by missionaries Jim and Sandy McCann, providing children's homes, orphan rescues, Christian schools, churches, wellness centers, outreaches and missions in the Ukraine. JHLC ministers to the poor, impoverished, widows and orphans; demonstrating the Gospel by bringing deliverance to those who are oppressed - in sin, sickness, disease, poverty and extreme suffering; feeding the hungry, speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves, bringing in the lonely, naked and orphaned for adoption and parenting; daily and practically demonstrating the love of Christ through our Joshua House ministry.

Our mission, is to raise and train disciples of Jesus Christ to maturity, sending them out to begin new Joshua House Life Centers, until there are 100+ centers throughout the Ukraine and other countries, with an emphasis on exemplifying God's love in everyday life.

Currently, we have two JHLCs in the Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine, which includes a children's home (the children of which the McCanns have taken in as their own family); a church comprised almost entirely of children and youth, who are actively involved in all aspects of the ministry, including it's many outreaches to the poor and needy, orphaned and widowed, sick and elderly.

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Our Missions

  • Children's Homes

  • Orphan Rescues

  • Poor & Needy Outreaches

  • Homes for the Homeless

  • Missions Training Centers

  • Widow Ministry

  • Church Plants

  • Christians Schools

  • Youth Clubs

  • Street Missions

  • Wellness & Medical Centers